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Wesley Oosthuizen Macro Photographer

Wesley Oosthuizen internationally published underwater photographer was born and raised in South Africa. Wesley moved to Grand Cayman shortly after graduating, while their working as a snorkel guide, he started freediving and was mesmerized by the amazing ocean life that he encountered on a daily basis.

Later I decided to try out scuba diving. This experience completely changed his life.

Wesley Oosthuizen

Wesley later moved to Taiwan, where he pursued other avenues such as directing, music composition and video editing. This range of talents eventually brought him full circle back to diving – with skills that were honed and developed by this time.

Wesley's favorite way to expose nature’s beauty is through macro photography. Staying in Taiwan has granted him with abundant opportunities to capture unique land and marine wildlife, which has enabled him grow his passion into a profession.

The macro world is not always as it seems

Wesley Oosthuizen

Macro photography, my passion; Illustrates some of the hidden beauty found throughout nature.

Wesley Oosthuizen

Small living things take on new personality and you see detail not normally visible with the naked eye.

Wesley Oosthuizen

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